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CLA Media Magnet

CLA Media Magnet

Welcome to Media Magnet

Media Magnet is a tool for automating the process of putting media content online. Its primary purpose is to post recurring lecture sessions. Media Magnet works with a variety of class capture applications, including Camtasia Relay, and any capture tool that supports FTP transfers.

After performing some initial setup, including setting up a course and picking an upload password, the process of compressing your content and adding it to podcast feeds is totally automated.

For an overview of the application, please check out our introduction video to the right. As we progress through our beta phase, we will continue to enhance our online documentation.

Have Questions? Want Access?

If you'd like access to Media Magnet, or have any questions about the service, just send us an e-mail.

We're currently in beta, and have primarily targeted Safari 3+ or Firefox 3+. We plan to have full support for IE6+ prior to launch. Until then, stick to a modern browser.