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Welcome to Media Mill

Media Mill Retirement Plan

On Friday, December 28, 2018, Media Mill will be "frozen." After that date,

  • You will no longer be able to upload content to Media Mill;
  • Existing links to videos and derivatives (compressed copies of your videos) will continue to work through 2020;
  • Original files uploaded to Media Mill will be moved to Kaltura MediaSpace.

To be good stewards of University resources, please delete anything you do not need before December 28, 2018.

For more information, see Media Mill Transition to Kaltura MediaSpace.

What is Media Mill?

Media Mill is designed to make it easy to get audio and video content online, and to share it with anyone in the world.

Have you ever had to delete an old video project to make space for a new one? Have you ever struggled to sort through an overwhelming selection of compression options to share your video with others? Have you ever had to send giant email attachments because you didn't have any other way to distribute your video? If so, then Media Mill is for you!

For a quick demo, click the video on the right.

If you're interested in using Media Mill with class capture software, like Camtasia Relay or Podcast Producer, we've got a special tool called Media Magnet to help automate that process.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

If you're interested in gaining access, just send an email to from a University of Minnesota e-mail address.

If you're enrolled in any of the following classes, you've already got access. Just click My VideosThis page requires authentication. to log in and get started!

AFRO.3900 AMIN.4990 ANTH.3001 ARTS.1601 ARTS.1905 ARTS.3601 ARTS.3602 ARTS.3603 ARTS.3605 ARTS.3606 ARTS.3608 ARTS.5610 ARTS.5620 ARTS.5630 ARTS.5650 ARTS.5660 ASL.1701 ASL.1702 ASL.1703 ASL.3004 ASL.3703 ASL.3704 BIOL.1905 CI.5181 CI.5330 CI.5410 CI.5435 CI.5472 CI.5475 CI.5531 CI.5532 CI.5538 CI.5539 CI.5656 CI.5925 CI.8161 CIS.1135 CLA.1005 CLA.1401 CLA.1902 COLA.3416 COLA.3950 COLA.5950 COMM.1101 COMM.1101H COMM.3201 COMM.3204 COMM.4404 COMM.5110 COMM.5404 COMM.8110 CSCI.5991 CSCL.3201 DAN.1003 EDHD.5007 ESL.230 ESL.431 ESPM.4811 FSOS.2101 GER.3014 GERM.3014 GLOS.4406 GWSS.3307 GWSS.3390 HRD.5201 HSEM.3067 HSEM.3067H IDSC.3001 IDSC.3001H JOUR.1001 JOUR.1905 JOUR.3102 JOUR.3451 JOUR.3990 JOUR.4451 JOUR.4452 JOUR.5990 JOUR.8195 JPG.4006 JPN.3032 JPN.4006 LGTT.5101 LING.5461 LING.5462 LING.5900 MUED.3415 MUED.3416 MUED.3502 MUED.3504 MUED.3900 MUED.5450 MUED.5664 MUS.3415 MUS.3450 MUS.5102 MUS.8450 NURS.3706 NURS.4320 NURS.5113 PHAR.5700 PHAR.6181 PSLT.1135 PSTL.1135 PSTL.1312 PSTL.1906 PSTL.1906W SCMC.3201 SLHS.5603 SOC.4170 SPAN.3105 SPAN.3105W SPAN.3972 SUST.4004 SW.8702 TESL.3001 TH.4322 TH.4550 TH.4560 TH.5551 TH.5553 WRIT.3257 WRIT.8012