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Student Writing Support. Everybody writes. We 'll help you get better at it.

This video provides a basic introduction to Student Writing Support.

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2010 Center for Writing, University of Minnesota

Student Writing Support helps you to become a better writer.

Through collaboration between you and a writing consultant, Student Writing Support helps you develop confidence and good writing habits.

You can use Student Writing Support at any stage of the writing process, even if you haven’t written anything yet.

When you come for your consultation, the consultant will ask you to share a copy of the assignment, when it is due, where you are in the writing process, any feedback you have received, and an idea of what you want to work on during the 30-40 minute session.

Although consultants work with you on specific writing assignments, what you learn applies to all of your writing. Writing consultants are undergraduates, graduate students, and professional staff members who come from a variety of academic backgrounds but are trained to work across all disciplines.

You can choose a consultant who most specifically meets your needs by browsing the bios on the Student Writing Support website.

To use Student Writing Support, you can make an appointment or walk in. Walk-in consultations are available in 9 Appleby Hall.

Just walk through the door. If a consultant is free, she or he will work with you right away; otherwise, sign your name on the wait list and study at one of the tables in the room while you wait.

Walk-in consultations are also sometimes available at our main location, 15 Nicholson Hall.

Stop by and ask the attendant if a consultant is free.

You can make an appointment for a forty-minute, face-to-face consultation at Nicholson in three ways: by stopping by in person, by going to the website, or by calling 612.625.1893.

You can also submit writing in advance and meet with a consultant in an online chat using To learn more, go to the website and click on the "learn about" page link.

The best way to use Student Writing Support is to visit early and often. We look forward to working with you!

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