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Qianhui Gong

Qianhui presents strategies and specific examples from her own writing process that may prove valuable to other multilingual writers.

Qianhui Gong

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When I was in China, I was quite proud of my English there. So that was something I couldn't humble myself, and I don't want, that is like a block for me that stopped me from moving forward, so that when I came here, I feel, "Wow, so much to learn!”

The anxiety I have most will be how to real organize my paper, how to set up the frame of what I am going to write.

I think because I used to do freewriting a lot, so I don't even think about what I'm going to write. I just write as where my heart leads. But to write a real paper, you have to lie things out to see what kind of a topic you really want to talk about. You want to get people's attention to this kind of topic that you are interested in, and you want to, through this kind of paper, to discuss and to involve your reader.

I think that to write, you first have to read, and what material you are reading really affect the way you are going to write. So I think do some good reading is very important. And also to come here to the writing center to discuss also help to develop thoughts. And I think most of the time writing is also an important way to communicate with others, and it will reach out for certain groups of people. So I think it is good to let others to read about what you have written rather than just give it for your own. So, yeah, I think it is both ways.

My expectation actually will be how to speak like a native person, but I know it really takes time and it really takes time and takes desire to get involved in a different culture and to learn from other people.

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