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Raamesh Deshpande

Raamesh's unique experiences in the technical field of computer science have provided him with interesting strategies and insights into the writing process.

Raamesh Deshpande

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I had to write a proposal, a proposal of 8-10 pages, and it took me more than 20 days to write that proposal. There is a block: I don't know what to write, I feel that I have written everything, what else is there to write. Those things happen. But that improves all the time. Now, if I am asked to write the same proposal, I would take less time. I would take... it would not be two days, but certainly I'd be able to do it in a week.

[In my papers,] There are a lot of revisions. My first draft is nowhere near the final draft. And for my paper, we made something like 50 revisions. And there were places where I said, “No, this is not good,” and I rewrote the whole thing again. So there are major revisions, minor revisions, there are all sorts of revisions. And those revisions make it good. Revisions are required; it's only few people who can write very good English in the first draft.

For now, I have to consciously say, “I have to make this flow; this does not look the best, like it does not look what it should look.” So one strategy I apply is that I explain it to somebody else who knows nothing about the field. And when I am explaining, then I see that person is missing a point or the flow is not good. I can see there is a direct feedback from that person's face, and then I know, “Oh I should write this also, I should write this also.” So then it makes flow much better.

We learned a lot of techniques, like repetition of the key point, the key theme points. If I'm talking about... if I'm writing a paragraph about catalysts, then I would say catalysts again and again so that would make the flow very clear that I am talking about the catalysts and I am talking about this aspect of catalyst.

One thing is that they should not be afraid, and they should... even if they are finding it difficulty, even if like they are writing it very slowly, they should just go about it and face it. And once they climb all that barrier or conquer that barrier, they will improve.

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