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Student Writing Support for Multilingual Writers

This video describes SWS resources for multilingual writers

Jayashree Kamble

Farha Ahmed
Debra Hartley
Johanna Mueller

Farha Ahmed
Maija Brown
Ka Po Chow
Pat Eliason
]uan Fernandez
Qianhui Gong
Kit Hansen
Justin Jones
Kirsten Jamsen
Meher Khan
Johanna Mueller
Circe Saint Louis
Kim Strain
Wiwat Wiphusit

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Daniel Balm
Maija Brown
Linda Clemens
Debra Hartley
Huy Hoang
Kirsten Jamsen
Katie Levin
Mitch Ogden
Zack Pierson
Kim Strain

2011 Center for Writing, University of Minnesota

Writing in English at the academic level can be a challenging task for a variety of reasons, particularly if English is not your first language or not the language in which you most commonly write.

Here at Student Writing Support we are committed to helping you develop as a writer of American academic English.

Our consultants work with students who are writing in various academic disciplines as well as with students who have a variety of cultural, rhetorical, and language backgrounds, both from the United States and from abroad.

All of the consultants in Student Writing Support are trained to work with non-native English speakers. To learn more about our consultants' backgrounds, please visit the consultant biographies page.

Among those consultants you will find photos and descriptions of our three non-native speaker specialists. Each has a master’s degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is an experienced instructor of composition for non-native English speakers, and has been a writing consultant for many years. They will work with you on language and grammar, including writing more formally, help you understand and meet the assumptions and expectations of American readers, and help you negotiate the balance between meeting these expectations and achieving your own writing goals.

You may find it helpful to develop a relationship with one or two consultants you especially like working with. You can make appointments up to three weeks in advance.

Visit our website to learn more about making appointments and to access other writing resources on our quick help page. We hope to see you soon in Student Writing Support.

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