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CLA Media Magnet

CLA Media Magnet

Using the Bookmarking Feature

Media Magnet allows viewers to create their own bookmarks within videos, which will persist each time they visit the video. This means students can mark important parts of a lecture during their first viewing, and then return to those points when they need to review material later on in the semester.

Enabling Bookmarks

Bookmarking must be enabled within the settings for a given course. For new courses, bookmarking is enabled by default, but for older courses it is not. To change this setting, click the "notepad" icon next to the course title and check the "allow bookmarking" box, then click submit

Using Bookmarks

Bookmarks are available in the "Video Viewer" page associated with the course and within the individual "viewer" pages associated with each session. You must be authenticated via your University X500 account in order to use the bookmarking feature. If you're not logged in, a note will be displayed at the top of the page.

If you're looged in, you'll see a bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the viewer. Click that icon to display the bookmarks list

To add a new bookmark, just click the plus sign, and enter a note to associate with the bookmark. To delete the current bookmark, click the minus sign. Bookmarks are automatically saved on the server, and will reappear each time you revisit this session.

To jump to a particular bookmark, just click on it, and the player will seek to the time associated with that bookmark.

Due to security limitations, you may not add new bookmarks while in fullscreen mode. You may continue to access your bookmarks though.