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Media Mill and Media Magnet Now Read-Only; Content Copied to Kaltura

As of December 28, 2018, Media Mill and Media Magnet are read-only. Current status:

  • You are no longer be able to upload content here;
  • Existing links to videos and derivatives (compressed copies of your videos) will continue to work through 2020;
  • Original files uploaded to Media Mill were copied to Kaltura MediaSpace in early 2019;
  • In June 2019, original files that were successfully copied from Media Mill to Kaltura, that were not accessed in Media Mill in the previous six months, were deleted from Media Mill, leaving the copy in Kaltura in tact.

For more information, see Media Mill Transition to Kaltura MediaSpace.

What is Media Mill?

Media Mill is a video management platform created by the University of Minnesota designed to make it easy to get audio and video content online.

Media Mill is no longer being actively developed, and has been replaced by Kaltura MediaSpace.