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Shlūq or Sirocco (2012, 15 minutes 33 seconds, 35mm).

Remarkable men gather in a council to investigate a fundamental puzzle over death; a body lies on the beach with face hidden in the sand; a ship sinks in the sea showing only it’s remaining masts and sails; camels and lizards appear and disappear in a dream-like soundtrack.

These are the first images of “Sirocco”, which are but a gesture in Mannerist cinematic expression meant to give meaning to the lost images of a remote 1969 film called “The Mummy” and to stage a film world that is built in direct relation to images of restrained naturalism and heightened beauty. In the corridors and the ruins of a lost world made up of seas, temples, vast deserts, voyaging boats, and men, women, and animals, the protagonist tries to solve the film’s indecipherable enigma (catalogue blurb from "Belo Horizonte International Film Festival," Brazil)

Hisham Bizri

© 2012 Muqarnas Films

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