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HUD development 5

(December 2001) Improved HUD display at night, tracking moving vehicles and lane boundaries. The snowplow is moving along a highway approaching an intersection. In the HUD, rectangles with a width equivalent to a truck (widest vehicle normally on the road) are drawn when triggered by radar on the plow. For a while, iconic representations of guard-rails appear on the right and a
representation for Jersey barriers appears on the left. These are necessary so that plow operators know that they are there during poor visibility conditions.

At the intersection, the signals turn red and as a result the headway to the vehicle just ahead of the plow is reduced. The radar icon turns red when the vehicle is 50 feet or less from the plow. The traffic signals then turn green and traffic begins to flow normally again.

In the distance, the projected digital map is drawn as green from 350 ft. and out. This is a cue to the driver that this is the maximum range of the radar. Vehicles beyond 350 ft are not sensed by the system and therefore cannot be drawn there.

Note that the video occasionally stops because of heavy traffic on the Internet which delays transmission of the frames of video data. These delays are not part of the standard operation of the HUD and are not part of the original video.



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