Safeguarding Driving Record Information — May 2010, reviewed January 2013

In Minnesota the Department of Public Safety restricts access to your driving record unless you expressly consent or federal law authorizes such access.  You may allow entities, including businesses, to access your driving record by checking a box on your driver’s license or vehicle registration application.  If you do not check the box, then only those entities authorized by federal law may access your record.

Your driver’s license photograph, social security number, and medical and disability information receive heightened protection.  Without your consent, that information can be released only for use by government agencies such as law enforcement, for use by insurers to investigate claims or fraud, for use by an employer to verify that you have a commercial driver’s license, or for use in legal proceedings.

Most of the remaining data in your driving record is less protected.  That information can be released without your consent to those entities  just mentioned.  A number of other business have good reason to use this information as well, such as auto manufacturers to use to inform car owners of recalls, emissions or auto safety notices.

The Department of Public Safety will not release your driving record unless you expressly consent by checking the box on the license or ownership application renewal.  Thus, without your consent, no commercial or business firm can access your record to add your name to direct-mail, telemarketing, or survey lists.

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