Did you know that you can teach your children about economics and money management through reading to them? This is Lori Hendrickson, Extension Educator for the University of Minnesota Extension.

An article from the International Reading Association indicates that you can teach children economic and money concepts by reading children’s books to them.

Think about the books that your children love and want read again and again to them. Are there concepts in these books that can teach them about life long skills like money management?

The benefits of reading aloud to children are well document. The National Commission on reading indicates that the active reading aloud to children is the most significant determinant of developing children’s literacy skills.

But the content of these books can be just as important particularly if they love the story and can remember the message.

If you’d like more information about teaching children personal finance through children’s literacy, visit the University of Minnesota Extension youth & Money site at http://www.extension.umn.edu/youth&money.