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Access Levels

Media Mill allows you to assign one of three access levels to your media. This document will explain the meaning behind each.


Private media is only accessible to you, and those people you share it with using the "share" feature. Anybody else trying to view the content will receive a "permission denied" error. Media marked as private cannot be added to a podcast, added to a UThink blog, or annotated with VideoANT.


Public media has no access restrictions. Anyone with internet access can view the content. Please not however, Media Mill never actively promotes your content - there is not "directory" of content as you'd find on sites like YouTube. Therefore, it's unlikely that folks will "stumble" upon your media.

X500 Only

Media marked as "X500 Only" requires a valid University X500 login. However, Media Mill merely confirms that the account is valid and that the login is successful - there are no further restrictions on who can access the content. This is a useful setting if you don't want folks from a wider audience to view your content, but also don't want to have to explicitly share your content with each individual viewer.