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Captioning Overview

This document will give you an overview of captioning your video for use with Media Mill.

Media Mill now supports displaying captions when using the Flash derivative type. In order to make use of this feature, you must supply a properly formated caption.

Media Mill supports captions in the DFXP format. You can generate these yourself using the free MAGpie application, or take advantage of a service, such as that provided by Automatic Sync Technologies. If you already have a text transcript of your video, the service provided by Automatic Sync Technologies will automatically generate the timed-text caption file. Alternatively, they can generate both a transcript and a caption file for you, at a greater expense. Depending on your content, Disability Services may also be able to assist you.

Once you've got the caption in the DFXP format, just paste it into the "transcript" field of your video. Once you make an entry in that field, the "CC" button in the Flash video plater will become active, and users will be able to toggle captions on or off. We recommend that you modify the default DFXP file slightly, by replacing the "style id=1" portion with:

<style id="1" tts:textAlign="center" tts:color="#FFFFFF" tts:fontSize="14" tts:fontFamily="Arial" tts:wrapOption="wrap"/>

If you wish to caption a Quicktime movie, including creating iPod and iPhone compatible captions, just create a Quicktime derivative after entering your caption data into the transcript field. If you make changes to your captions, you'll need to recreate the Quicktime derivative as well, because the captions get written into the derivative file itself. Viewers can turn on Quicktime captions by right clicking (or control-clicking) on the video and selecting "show captions," or under the "Controls->Subtitles" menu of iTunes or "View" menu of Quicktime Player.

quicktime Captions

We are investigating ways in which the College can provide this service. Please contact Colin McFadden for more information.