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Using the Project Feature

This document will give you an overview of the Media Mill "Projects" feature.

The "My Projects" link on the left side of the screen will give you access to your projects. You may create a new project using the link at the bottom of the page, or you may edit existing projects.

Once a project has been created, you may add videos to it by clicking on the "notebook" icon, as shown below. Then, just click the checkboxes next to each of the videos you wish to include in the project. Press the submit button at the bottom of the page and the videos will be added. Videos can be removed from a project in the same fashion.

You may also add content to a project directly within the "My Videos" page. Simple click the "Add to Project" dropdown and select a project.

You may remove content in the same way. Simple move you mouse cursor over the project, and a red [x] will appear. Click and your video will be removed from that project.

A project may be shared with multiple users. Each users can then add their own videos to the project, and those videos will appear for all of the owners of the project. This provides an easy way to create a group of people to share content with, rather than individually sharing each clip.

Videos within a project may be rearranged by just dragging and dropping the videos.