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Exporting Your Video For Media Mill

This guide will walk you through the process of getting your video ready to be posted to Media Mill. Just follow the instructions below for whichever video-editing program you're using.

Final Cut Pro

Begin by clicking in the timeline window, to make sure it is active. Then, choose "File" from the top of the screen, choose "Export," and select "QuickTime Movie" (at the top of the list).

You should now be presented with a "Save" dialog box. You can leave the "Setting," "Include," and "Markers" selections at their defaults. However, you must click "Make Movie Self-Contained." If this option is not selected, your video will not be processed correctly.

Now, enter a name for your video and press the "Save" button.


Select "File" from the top of the screen and choose "Export." In some versions of iMovie, you may need to select "Share," if the export option is not present.

Select "Quicktime" from the tabs list, and select "Full Quality" and press the "Share" button. You'll be asked for a file name, and the file will then be exported.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Select "File" from the top of the screen and shoot "Export," and then select "Export Movie." Select a file name and press save.