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Quality Level Selector

This document will give you an overview of the Quality Level Selector in Media Mill.

It's often helpful to give your viewers the option of viewing multiple sizes or quality levels to choose from, so that users on slower connections aren't forced to wait for long downloads, and users on higher speed connections can see better quality video. Media Mill's Quality Selector feature makes it easy to give users that choice.

Begin by creating multiple flash derivatives for your video - for example, a "small," "medium," and "large." Then embed or link to whichever size you want to be your "Default" - for example, if you think the majority of your viewers will be able to watch the "medium" version, link to that.

Media Mill will automatically add a quality selector icon to your video player - it'll be a "Q" in the lower right.

Quality Selector

Clicking this icon will reveal the Quality popup. Just click on the version you want to see and it'll start right away.

Quality Popup

You can disable the "Q" icon in the "flash options" for any derivative.