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Subclipping Overview

This document will walk you through the use of the "subclipping" feature in Media Mill.

Subclipping is a feature within Media Mill which allows you to create excerpts of your videos. For example, you may upload an hour long video of a lecture, which you want to keep preserved for future use. However, you'd really like to add a small segment of the video to a blog. Traditionally, this would be mean cutting the video up into multiple files, and uploading them separately. The subclipping feature lets you create new clips directly within your webbrowser.

To make a subclip, first create a flash derivative of your video. Any flash preset will work, including the UThink preset. Once you've created a derivative, you'll see an icon with a pair of scissors. Click that link. You'll be prompted to enter a name for the subclip. Once you clip submit, you'll see your video with two buttons overlayed, "in" and "out." Just play your video (or seek within it) and press the "in" button to mark the start of the clip, and the "out" button to mark the end. Changes are saved automatically, each time you press either of those buttons.

When you've marked your points, just click the "My Videos" link on the left side of the screen to return to your videos. You'll now see your subclip, grouped with the original video. You can embed the subclip in another webpage, or link to it directly, as if it were a separate file. If you delete the original or the derivative, the subclips will be removed as well.