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Media Mill Retention Policy

Users are granted Media Mill access while attending or employed by the University of Minnesota. Upon leaving the University, users will have two months (60 days) of full access. After 60 days has elapsed, the source files (‘originals’) attached to the users Media Mill account will be removed. There will be a notification email sent 2 weeks prior to the deletion. Derivatives will not be deleted, web links to those derivatives will continue to work, and the user will retain access to Media Mill to modify those derivatives. However, uploading of new files will be prohibited. Please note that media shared with other users that have not left the University will not be deleted.

Media Mill is supported by CLA’s technical management team with financial support from the CLA student technology fee. This policy is necessary to ensure the sustainability and success of Media Mill. Each gigabyte of storage costs approximately $3 per year to store and backup. Your current usage is always available at

We always appreciate it if you occasionally prune your content when it’s no longer needed. Many users may not know that you can delete your ‘original’ file without deleting the associated derivatives. This dramatically reduces your storage usage, while continuing to leave your content accessible via the web. Just click the trashcan icon and select “delete original.” We can also assist with batch removal if you have large amounts of content you no longer need.

We may update this policy from time to time, so please check back occasionally.